FUBU is an acronym that stands for For Us By Us; however, it's not meant to be racist. In an interview, it was said that growing up as inner-city kids, they thought only inner-city kids liked to wear Timbs and such. Not racism. Still...FUBU sucks.
FUBU sucks. Mmkay. ...'Cause shotgun bullets is bad fah yea' health.
by renato June 08, 2005
Farmers Used to Beat Us
FUBU...Apparently a complete idiot decided to start a clothing company referrig to slavery, which ironically appeals moslty to african americans.
by Wanna Suck My Balls? October 23, 2006
brand of clothing worn by people who don't like to work. Synonomous with lazy
That dude doesn't like to work...he is very fubu
by slick vic June 06, 2005
A clothing company that once used to be original, now fixated on copying a popular brand's design, using it as their own, and renaming it.
EXAMPLE: Nike Air Force One = Fubu SD2
EXAMPLE: Timberland 6" = Fubu Thug II
by FubuSucks April 01, 2005
madea said thyat mr brown was fat ugly black and uncomfortable when he wore a fake fubu sighn
by cash_honey October 07, 2006
its a fuck buddy wich is a guy/gurl that ya dont go out wit but choose to fuck
keyone:hey did ya hit that dime piece the other nite?

david: yea nigga she my fubu!
Brand of clothing that gangstas used to wear. Some still do, but nowadays, Asians are wearing it (Not necessarily gangsta-wannabes; just Asians in general).
Hey man, did you see that Chi'ang kid wearin' FUBU?
by wcgold December 22, 2004
FUCK U BITCH and the U is silent.

Person 1: You cut me off!
Person 2: FUBU! FUBU!
by FLDB September 07, 2008

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