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Fucked Up Beyond Belief, Military slang, stronger than SNAFU.
Situation there's FUBB ( any G.I. sent in Iraq)
by rol November 04, 2004
Acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond Belief" similar to FUBAR, but FUBB usually refers strictly to computers and other technology items.
John tried to fix his CD player by himself, now it is FUBB.
by Kalisiin December 08, 2011
Fat Ugly Bearded Bitch

a dumb bitch from school who never shuts up and also needs to shave....BAD
Look at FUBB sitting over there eating 2 double cheeseburger meals!
by Ho fo' sho October 30, 2007
the act of penetrating the wooch with a wooden object, generally a spoon
causes intense feelings of toe tingling and terror
by Save my ship from sinking February 11, 2009
Not quite fingers yet not quite nubbs
Man, lonely kid has some fucking nasty fubbs
by King ov Town August 04, 2004
the universal word for anything and everything, you can use it to describe anyone or anything, for good or bad.
1. What the fubb?

2. Don't be such a fubb!

3. We are such fubbs! Yay!
by SexieLexie April 05, 2009
Fucked Up Baby Boomer
person born between 1945 - 1960
Egocentric political policy is being driven by FUBB's
by Maclay August 15, 2006
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