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I know it a little different:
Like when you try to save some money on a tune up and, in the process of doing it yourself, break your distributor body and, in the process of putting in a new distributor got the timing all out of place so the car won't run and breaks down twenty miles from home in the middle of the night. In that instance you would tell the towtruck driver "Well, I guess I fubar'd that damn thing (At least that's what I told my tow truck driver when I did it).
by jehjeh3711 March 19, 2009
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F.U.B.A.R. is an acronym for:

1. F*cked up beyond all reason.
2. F*cked up beyond all recognition.
3. F*cked up beyond all repair.

See fuck

All usage derived from the military.
1. This mission is FUBAR.
2. He got hit with a mortar and now he's FUBAR.
3. Holy shit! That tank's FUBAR.
by Jack. December 08, 2003
5045 585
F*cked up beyond all recognition.
This stuff is simply FUBAR.
by C.E. February 06, 2003
1405 471
short form of "Fucked up beyond all recognition", but also a misunderstandment of the german word "furchtbar", which means horrible or frightening.
"This situation ist Fubar!"

"Das ist furchtbar!"
by Nils May 31, 2004
1073 457
Military slang from WWII, fubar is an acronym for "fucked up beyond all recognition".
"the house was completely fubar."
by Lee Shapiro January 30, 2006
704 291
Fucked up beyond all recognition
The guy in the accident is Fubar.
by Mike April 08, 2003
451 85
Fucked up beyond all recognition/ repair.
A possible suffix: Bundy
Bundy: But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
he took the grenade hard and now hes Fubar Bundy
by Shadee February 28, 2004
602 304
acronym: Fucked up beyond all recognition.
situation: crew of 8 is being told about an airplane crash. Some dumbass had the great idea of welding a couple steel plates to the bottom of the plane to protect the general from ground fire. unfortunately the dumbass didnt tell the officer in command untill they were airborn. they crashed and 31 died.
Caparzo: FUBAR
Jackson: Ya'll got that right. (nods head)
Uppham: I couldn't find FUBAR in the German dictionary, can you just tell me what it means?
by Oliver Quidgeums May 18, 2006
498 212