An expression used by Bikers for ages. Forever Two Wheels. Used to show their dedication to their Biker way of life and disdain for the "cagers".
"If I see one more Soccer-Mom Cager talking on a cell phone and crossing 3 lanes of traffic without a blinker I'm going to Traffic-Cop her Mirror, F.T.W.
by Corwin.RI. Biker November 18, 2007
abbreviation for Fort Worth, Texas.
sccrchik09: where do you live?
greenowl77: ftw!
by TXis4Lovrs November 10, 2006
acronym for: Facing The Wall.

used in shooter games to let others know you're not able to play for a short time, and do not wish to be shot at.

however the person using this acronym is bound to get fragged as this person is seen as weak and/or noobish.
>I'm F.T.W., brb.
>AAAGH who killed me! @$*^#%^* who killed me! you guys are all fu#%^* go$@%&mned ba$%& moth$#%^$&ers! d^&n you all!
- ">" left the game (user diconnect)
<n00b.. *sigh*
by MTass October 18, 2006
A common intentional mispelling of wtf to show emphasis or bewilderment
John: I think I am in love with Rick
Mike: F.T.W.!!!!
by tehchode September 02, 2005
F.T.W. means Fuck The World. Its often used by the lower class of youth. Its used by people pist off about society, pist about the way things are today. Angry about whatever it may be. F.T.W. is simply stating how a person may feel about the world.
kid on the street: F.T.W. its all shit to me!

kid's friend: yeah the world is so fucked up! F.T.W.!
by Cunt_Scum April 20, 2006
FTW is backwords for WTF. It should only be used in extreme circumstances
Guy A: So I just got out of my sex change performed.
Guy B: FTW?!
by Bega January 08, 2006
Free the whales
Free the whales "Free Harry and Free Willy" but keep your eye on the trouser snakes...
by Maxxxmillionz November 27, 2003

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