FTW is backwords for WTF. It should only be used in extreme circumstances
Guy A: So I just got out of my sex change performed.
Guy B: FTW?!
by Bega January 08, 2006
Free the whales
Free the whales "Free Harry and Free Willy" but keep your eye on the trouser snakes...
by Maxxxmillionz November 27, 2003
Feel the Wrath
We are the group/clan/guild called FTW.
by Dack Paris April 08, 2004
It can mean For The Win or Fuck The World. Many reasons are real, it can also mean other things like, Fuck The What or... well anything!
Girl (Gina): Hey there, Dan!

Boy (Dan): Hey there Gina... THE WORLD FTW!

Girl (Gina): So, so true, maybe FTW?

Boy (Dan): Now i'm confused...
by CG_RavingRadish March 28, 2015
For the win
Minecraft prison ftw with stef
by BluerockerA February 01, 2015
FTW can mean For the Win, Fuck the World, and Fuck the What
You like moldy cheese? FTW?
by max8======o November 11, 2014
"Fancy Twat Water."

The 'water' that comes from a girl, mostly known as vaginal lubrication. The production increases significantly during sexual arousal.

Commonly mistaken for "Finger That Whore." or "Follow the Waterfall."

Originated from Doug Loves Movies ep786
Doug: "I would love me some ftw right now."
by Iammchriss August 16, 2014

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