Acronym that can either stand for: "For the Win" or "For the Wii".
Wii FTW!

I'm in line FTW!
by Pedrovsk December 03, 2006
ftw = for the win
ftw = also a gang but more commenly used as for the win
Horse number is going 6 ftw.
by Habsey May 26, 2006
Feed The Wombat
Can be used to describe an activity that you feel does not need mentioning.
Originated in the online game Final Fantsay Online, by a character named Kitykatt as a response to someone asking what FTW stood for.
Bill: Yo, what are you going to do tonight?
Jeff: FTW!
Bill: Feed The Wombat?
Jeff: Yup
by GabeYo November 12, 2006
FTW = first the wictory!

Oh poor souls who think FTW means For The Win! jami93, a Finnish boy (*cough*a troll*cough*) who often comments to a webcomic Sosiaalisesti Rajoittuneet has told us the REAL meaning of FTW.
"No no no, when I said ftw, I meant first the wictory! For the win doesn't make ANY sense at all"
by Me0__= October 11, 2006
for the win (abbreviation)
bill: hey i need something fast, cheap, filling, and good for me.

cujo: brocolli

chastity: pasta ftw, you can add vegetables, meat, eat it with bread and soup, all for a cheap & hearty meal.

bill: thank you but i am on urbandictionary i did not need to know that much.

chastity: i like the sex :-*
by karch? August 18, 2005
F.T.W. is,

(used in certain circumstances*)

,short for:

"Fucking Tiny Weiners"

(Can also sometimes be read "Fucking Tiny Willys" or Freakin Tiny Willys/Weiners)

*This applyes to the evony alliance for men with extreemly short penises in particular.
We're not alone We're represent F.T.W.!!! Theres a whole bunch of people with "Freakin Tiny Weiners" here,We're proud to have a "Fucking Tiny Willy",,It makes us resemble girls! so fuck of we're F.T.W. from server 110!
by DonTheMagicWand June 07, 2010
for the wolf
"Heres some meat, ftw."
by BMDdas January 18, 2009

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