the "cool" way of saying wtf

it means Fuck The What
used by "cool kids" only
nerdboy: im gonna have secks with my sister
coolboy: FTW fucking sick
by gusto nueces September 09, 2009
Fuck the what. As in what the fuck backwards.
It means the same thing as what the fuck.
You: Timmy and Susie are dating now.
Me: FTW! I didnt see that one coming. I am so surprised!
by kap0621 June 27, 2011
abreviation for;
1. gaming expression, also used to express joy and pleasure for excample "I got me some tea, FTW :D"

2. An abreviation used by punks/bikers to express rebelion.

3. in graffiti the letters "FTW" would be sprayed beside a canabis leaf. Making a statement about legalising canabis.
by Erin_The_Terrifying July 20, 2009
1. fuck the world

2. for the win
1. emo1: i hate the world. ftw.
emo2: yes. ftw

2. Omg! LOLFTW!
by GODFREY! March 08, 2009
1. fun to watch

2. free to whine

3. f**kng to win

4. f**king the w***e
1. "Spongebob Squarepants is ftw."

2. "I'm ftw in this free country!"

3. "You know, her friend is FTW."

4. "I heard David is FTW tonight."
by iDefineYou4Fun October 10, 2011
For the weak
Smirnoff Ice is FTW. Smirnoff Ice is for pussies.
by Boogie91 May 17, 2011
fuck this work
Bob: I'm gonna go get a beer
Sally: ftw. me too.
by stevorino December 19, 2010
for the wolf
its ftw. For the wolf
by redrobot00 August 31, 2010

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