For The Win
Commonly used among geeks to express their enthusiasm for something, especially in IRC.
a) Cola is best
b) nope, Pepsi is way better
a) Cola FTW!
by BakkiZ August 31, 2005
an abbreviation for "fuck the world".
I cant stand my life so FTW
by tatomuck1 April 07, 2009
FTW :1. Means "Fuck The World" -2. When used Around bikers it means "Forever Two Wheels" - 3. When used in a competition it means "For The Win"
1. I just got laid off, my wife is cheating on me got kicked out of my favorite bar, now i'm getting kicked out of my apartment , man FTW!(Fuck The World)
2. Yo, we going on that cross-country Motorcycle drive today , right? --Yea man forever two wheels(FTW)!
3. Hey you go left I'll go right he'll cover the center, For the win (ftw), break!

Fuck The World,FTW.
Fuck the world.
Man, this city sucks. I expected a VIP table, indoor pool, and a couple of strippers. FTW!
by Fr3nch fr13s July 04, 2014
Acronym for "For The Wolf", coined by Amir Blumenfeld of CollegeHumor's "Jake and Amir". Amir got Jake a wolf as a holiday present, then got a collar "for the wolf" the next year.
Jake: "What is that?"
Amir: "It's a collar"
Jake: "For what?"
Amir: "For the wolf! For FTW."
Jake: "I don't have the wolf anymore, okay?"
Amir: "For the, it's FTW. For the wolf."
Jake: "The wolf's dead. They euthanized it in my apartment. You wanna dig it up? For the wolf?"
Amir: "...for the epic wolf"
by Xtreme2252 August 08, 2010
Fuck The World.
Guy1: holy shit earth is going to crash into the sun..!!
Guy2: FTW...
by wtfomgffs March 16, 2010
1. Fuck the world.
2. For the win.
3. What the fuck backwards.
4. Free the whales.
5. Feed the walrus.
Britney Spears: I'm tired of your crap Kevin
K Fed: Yeah, And?
Britney Spears: You know what, I just want to FTW
John: Hello there!
Mike: Hi! Do you like my shirt? Its sponsered by 7-up, FTW!
Rihanna: stahw siht txet?
Chris: What the heck are you saying?
Rihanna: I'm speaking backwards silly!
Chris: Do you understand this? FTW!!!
Whale Lover: Please! FTW! It's for their own good!
Whale Killer: Bitch, please
Walrus: I'm hungry as heck! *pimp slaps*
Fish: Why did you do that!
Walrus: Cause im mike jones, bitch!
Person: Just freaking FTW so you don't get pimp slapped!
by A Person Who's Making This Def March 24, 2009

It originated in the 70s as a jailhouse tattoo and became known to bikers and other guys who will kick your ass if you say it means anything different. 30 years later, some gayass cyberkiddies redefined, but if you have an ounce of class, you'll ignore the cyberfags.
CYBERFAG: "Pokemon ftw!! omg lolz!!!111"

BIKER: If you don't shut up, I'm going to stick a knife in your anus and twist.


CYBERFAG: *sob* you tolz me to shut the fuck up?

UBER-CYBERFAG: No fag! "stfu" means "strawberries taste flowery upsidedown"
by blisterbunny May 05, 2010

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