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Acronym for, "For The Victory"
Which is superior to simply winning.
Stewie: "World Dominance, FTV."
by jsmack84 February 01, 2008
Acronym for "first-time virgin". Used in the porn industry in phrases such as "FTV girl" to indicate the actress is a virgin, the current shoot being her "first time". Because we all know women are prone to losing their virginity in front of a camera.
Veronica's a FTV girl! Watch her fuck a banana!
by FTV Girl September 24, 2012
Fuck the vagina.
Guy 1: How's your girlfriend coming along?

Guy 2: Dude, I'm totally going to FTV tonight, then break up with her tomorrow.
by FTVQueen July 21, 2009
Stands for "For The Vag"-

to do something toward a woman to impress them to get sex.
Neil- Wow, you really went all out last night.... doing that back flip of the coffee table and all.
Brett- FTV, Neil, FTV.
by whorebageriser April 21, 2010
Forced TV.
When you are forced to watch tv shows that are poliety, 'not to your liking' because of the tv's owners adapting a tense object wedged where the sun don't shine (just being tight).

Simply the worst form of tv.
I watched ftv with my 'rents last night, and as a result missed Two and a Half Men.
by natalie sthoup August 05, 2010
An internet TV pirate group known for releasing such delights as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Southpark, CSI.
hey did you see that FTV released Simpsons and the sound was in mono and the first 5 minutes were missing ?
by dawg September 08, 2003

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