Short for "Fuck The Slit"

When a man stabs a woman in the side with a knife and then penetrates the wound for pleasure.
You just got to get in there and FTS.
by runner 13 April 27, 2008
FTS = abbreviated version of "for the shart".
FTS, though standing for more things such as "for teh suck", also means "for the shart". For the shart basically means the same as for the suck, or that sucks. The imagry that goes along with shart adds enough power to make it a more effecient term to describe something unwanted, or a bad experience.
example 1---
brandon: OMG i totally tried to fart but pooped my pants at work the other day
me: dude, thats FTS, literally.

example two---
brandon: dude, that movie was pretty bad, except for the scene with tubgirl
me: yea, it was FTS
by arshart October 21, 2007
Short for "FUCK THE SYSTEM"...
... Fuck The System! ...
by LazyBoy November 28, 2004
Acronym: For The Share

Used by those who believe sharing is greater than the good of a single, individual win. Because when you share, everyone wins.
Guy 1: "You dare defy the will of the motherland!? Wealth is for all to embrace!"
Guy 2: "Capitalist pig-dog!
Guy 1: "Communism FTS!"
by Justin, Esq. July 31, 2006
means "for the suck"
"IE's rendering support is terrible"
"IE fts."
by xinex June 05, 2005
- Follow the stars
This stems from the days of Colombus, where the crew of his ships would scream "FTS! Follow the stars!"

- Feel the strength

- Find the shoes

- Fuck that shit
We're lost now? Damn, FTS! Lets go home.
by magicbutter May 09, 2004
Foh` The Shizzle
This is a gangster slang.
I want that shiiit FTS!
by Vegard & Lars April 28, 2006

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