Fixing to Start... a country term for PMS, or a woman or girl who is about to start her period...
she is so moody, she must be F.T.S.!
by wes0407 November 12, 2008
Fuck That ShitFTSwhen you don't want to do something
Q: What did you get on the test
by langston Tolbert January 09, 2008
Forever Talking Shit
person1: man he look so ugly wit that for head
person2:wtf your always FTS
person1:whats that mean

person one get stuck in the dome...
by Duhreyrey July 21, 2010
stands for ->
For The Seme

similar to For The Win
except for use only when speaking of yaoi, and/or fanfiction
the oppisite of FTU
for link and dark link i am so dark link FTS!!! (this satement is usually fallowed by multiple yaoi fangsms and EXTREAMLY anoying squealing sounds)
by namelesswisdom July 16, 2010
For the sex.
Scarlett Johansson FTS!
by JAMBAN July 13, 2010
Abbreviation for "Fuck the Scouts" as in the Madison Scouts of Madison Wisconsin, the biggest group of faggots and ass-douches in all of DCI, an abbreviation for Drum Corps International. They look like gay park rangers and play faggy Alicia Keys music while they suck each others cocks. Can also be lengthened to FTMFS, "Fuck the Mother Fucking Scouts."
"Did you hear the Scouts play Empire State of Mind last night?"

"Yes, I did. They are super gay and should go die. FTS!"

"I concur. FTMFS!"
by bonesknows January 06, 2012
Fuck that slut
"fts man she isnt worth it"
yea man! fts she is a total whore!
by the only cmags October 23, 2011

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