Fuck that/this shit or forget that/this shit
"Man, I hate getting rejected every time I come to the club! FTS, I'm out! "
by loredaj March 30, 2010
Fuck this Shit

Fuck the System
Fts, I'm out; this meeting is so lame.

I just want to do, what I like to do. Be far from reality, 'cause I can't stand society. So FTS!

by z0di4c July 23, 2008
Fuck This Shit . For times when FML just isn't working .
Ex 1 : ' I got an F on the biggest test of the year ? FTS . '

Ex 2 : ' My best friend just stole my girlfriend . FTS . '
by AngrierAndAngrier June 12, 2011
FTS = Fuck this shit
Means that you give up, or can not be bothered.
Girl: "why don't you like me anymore? how come you never talk to me? is there someone else?"
Boy: "FTS bye"

*boy is trying to play tennis*

*hits the ball into the net for the 7th time*

*walks off*
by smellycats12345 May 14, 2011
short for 'fuck this shit'.
I failed my exam . . . ugh fts.
by etherealskye May 18, 2010
Fuck This Shit / Fuck That Shit
-"fuck man i have double methods tomorrow.."
-"ohhh fts"


-"i cant get the answer to this question..fts im going to bed"
by age&pooj March 06, 2008
FTS is an an acronym for Fuck That Shit, and is used similarly to "screw that" or "no way"
A:Hey tony, do you want to go cordless bungee jumping?
B: FTS I don't have a death wish!
by mkm July 19, 2013

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