Acronym for Fuck that shit

Usually used in Text message, IM, E-mail
Person one: Want to go to A&Ws?

Person two: No! FTS!
by n00bskoolbus April 03, 2010
abbreviation: Fuck this shit OR fuck that shit.
My sun burn hurts, FTS
by LilRedBitch July 12, 2010
FUCK THAT SHIT. Similar to the way LOL or BRB are used, FTS is an acronym that can be used in varying circumstances.
That bitch was all up in my face and I was like... "FTS"
by Ari55 June 30, 2006
To be, see, or possess, Fat Tits.
I was out last night and there were so many FT's I fainted, hit my head on the corner of a table and had to be taken to hospital where I was revived from certain death on the operating table by a nurse, who, ironically, also had FT's
by ILOVEFT's October 07, 2009
Fuck The Suck

FTS goes way back before the tweeting/texting definition people are giving it today. Back in the 90's while I was in the Marine Corps I saw FTS written all over the place. I asked a crusty older pissed off Terminal Lance what it meant, and he told me it was fuck the suck. He went on to say it was based on some old movie where they said prison was "the suck" because it sucked the life out of you...and that the Corps did the same thing hence The Suck. So FUck The Suck is fuck prison, fuck the Corps, fuck your dead end minimum wage job, fuck living with your parents when your 35 making coffees at starbucks or whatever your own personal hell is that is sucking the life from you.
Normally written out of sight on random things inside the suck (backs of clocks, under desks/cabinets, behind shit).

"Hey man, are you going to reenlist for 4 more years?"
"Yeah, FTS. They can't pay me enough to keep me in this motherfucker".
by crustySGT May 09, 2014
Fuck That Shit. Often used in text messages.

Further meaning: I am no longer interested in that what you just mentioned...
"Amy says you called her a Whore"

"F.T.S. I don't care anymore"
by Gearoidin September 11, 2007
An acronym for Fuck this shit, which is only used when you find something so annoying, need to ragequit (See Ragequit or ragequitting), or when you just get fed up and need to let anger out, regardless if it'll make a scene or not. Tends to happen in MW2 or any other really addicting game or in a workplace.
Example 1:(Office setting in work, names are not real in any way, shape or form)
(Dave typing on computer, and suddenly computer freezes)

Other Worker: Dave something the matter?
Dave: Yeah my work is fucking gone, no thanks to this crap computer.
Boss: Dave where's that paper?
Dave: Computer froze, and I don't have it.
Boss: Get back to it or you're fired.
*Dave gets up, flips his desk, and smashes his computer*
Dave: FTS, I'm leaving. Just because I'm not going to swear at you.
Boss: You're fired!
Dave: You know what? I take it back. Fuck this shit and FUCK YOU!

Example 2: (Kid playing MW2)
Troll in game: You mad bro?
Kid: FTS!
*Throws Controller*
by Taeron November 12, 2010

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