for the fuck
"you really like him?"
"no im doing it ftf."
by daviddddd! October 11, 2008
for the fun
Dude #1:Why are you cutting yourself you emo phreak!
Dude #2: What, I cant cut ftf?
by Chundo375 June 07, 2009
acronym for face to face, rather than a conversation online, or on the phone
I think this a FTF conversation.
by Jina August 16, 2005
Acronym for "For the fail". Opposite of FTW.
"Loli FTW? More like FTF, lol"
by Onymous August 15, 2005
It stands for Face the Front
Stop looking at me ftf!
by theWingman November 07, 2006
A girl is FTF (Fit to Fuck)
As in she is Fit To Fuck
by Josh December 09, 2004
Acronym for "Fuck The French"
As in, Fuck The French we dont need them.
by Darren February 16, 2005
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