Fear The Beard. In reference to celebrities, mainly athletes, who have cool beards. Commonly used for NBA players James Harden and Pau Gasol.
James Harden has scored 23 points tonight. His opponents better FTB.
by JH13 June 21, 2011
for the boys- sticking by your mates and never going behind one anothers backs
dallin is not for FTB because he is always hanging with audrey :)
by cvbnm0986 April 03, 2009
Full-Time Baller: Ballin' by nature,
addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton
Dude 1: That guy scored 45 points, had 22 rebounds, and 4 blocks.
Dude 2: What an FTB?
by Pretty Mama January 24, 2009
fuck the bullshit.
Angelea: Let's go to Jamaica and forget our problems!
Krystle: Yeah, FTB!

Kristen: Let's get drunk!
Angelea: Let's do it! FTB
by The_Babygirls August 12, 2010
'Fuck the Blues'

Commonly known amonst Glentoran fans. The Blues being refered to as arch rivals Linfield.

Person 1:Gtg now, lets beat the dirty blues tomorrow
Person 2:Aye m8 FTB
Person 1:FTB
by Glentoran November 09, 2006
Fuck That Bitch or Fuck Those Bitches
The manager says we need to pick up our speed!
Man, FTB!
by WillThrill135 February 12, 2010
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