Fake Sleeping Alliance - Originated in Big Brother 8 by Nick and Daniele. Anyone who pretends they are sleeping in order to listen to other people's conversations is a member of the Fake Sleeping Alliance.
"Let's go talk outside so the FSA won't hear us."
by Kayla Franklin September 08, 2007
Financial Services Authority (UK)

Originally set up too late to protect the public from financial scandals, it now exists to gradually corode financial services in the UK. The favoured mechanism is by writing nonsensical rule books that go round in circles in the language of a 17th century lawlord on steroids. Also, rules that are "Principal Based" so that they can catch you out on anything they haven't written an actual rule for (yet). The FSA is the chocolate beard in the otherwise pristine washroom of British Financial Services. It will take UK Financial Services down the same road as our car industry has gone - India and China.
"Have we got enough money money for our Chrismas Party Tarquin"

"Oh yes - but we'll fine a few more firms first, so we can each go in a new Porsche and flush our wee-wees away with Champagne"

FSA - Financial Strangulation Authority
by Ravens May 11, 2006
Fire Squirty Ass
I ate to much watermelon and now I have F.S.A.
by BStar777 May 15, 2011
Fail States of America, for certain people that manage to hate the USA at the moment.
I heard you were from the FSA. >_>
by TheMagicNumber October 21, 2009
Fuck-Shit Attitude

An attitude that is characterized by a total disregard for either someone else or a situation
Person 1: Person 3 truly doesn't give a damn
Person 2: Yeah he really has a FSA
Person 3: I don't give a shit what you guys think
by Pumita August 19, 2008
originally an acronym standing for 'Full Shaven And Shit', as in the status of a girls genetalia (specifically the pubic hair around it). yet now has become a mainstream replacement for 'for sure' etc
it can be used in many different ways.
originally: "oy man i fingered Alexandra last night"
"really? is she FSAS?"
statement: "fsas im going to the show"
Q: 'r u going?'
A: 'fsas'
Q: 'do u want a drink?'
A: 'fsas on that'
Q: 'diet coke?'
A: 'diet coke fsas'
by petey April 01, 2004
Florida standard assessment. The fucking impossible test that no one passes p.s you need 2 pass in order to get a diploma. So much 4 Fcat
30% of Hillsborough County students passed the reading FSA.
by Brony dude December 12, 2015

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