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Free-Range Neighbor Kids: the group of unruly suburban children that run in a pack through a neighborhood. Parents showing weakness to the FRNKs are subject to refrigerator raids and a dozen kids sitting on good leather couches in wet swimsuits to watch cartoons. The FRNKs leave home in the morning, and and rarely return to their own home before the streetlights come on in the evening. Although their adolescence is reminiscent of the Lord of the Flies, FRNKs generally grow up to be well-adjusted, independent, problem-solving members of the community.
Mom: I just bought a case of mini-pizzas. Where ARE they?

Dad: I saw the FRNK's in our back yard earlier....

Mom: Oh. That explains it. Where is that case of gatoraid?
by The Mom Next Door September 25, 2011
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