Sex act predominantly performed on women.. a combination of the black art of cunnilingus and the old standby fingerbanging (aka fingering). Named for the finger licking tandem once made famous by an advertising campaign for fast food. Also see KFC.
Selma Blair: Did I tell you about the fried chicken Christopher served last night??
Gossip Girl: No!!!
Selma Blair: It was fantastic!
Gossip Girl: You are lucky to have a such a Crotch Colonel.

Lady: Mmmmm that fried chicken was some good finger lickin.
by 9000cc February 18, 2009
1) concrete n.: chicken that is fried
2) SLANG adj.: used by racist individuals to describe a dark-skinned person.
3) SLANG concrete n.: used to determine a newborn chick's fate.
1a) Get the chicken ready, I'm going to make fried chicken.
1b) Let's go to KFC for some delicious fried chicken.
2) Hey man, dat fried chicken nigga better not go rapin my gf.
3) My farm hatches over 10,000 fried chickens a day.
by VbPeppermint October 28, 2007
When you wanna ask somebody for weed but can't actually say it cus some people r idiots.
Hey, any fried chicken left?

Nah, sorry man...
by Avdka November 03, 2010
meaning awesome or amazing
oh my god that's so fried chicken!
by koolgrl900 April 06, 2010
food that white people love and consider it being part of the food groups
Tim: hey johnny lets go get some fried chicken

johnny: tim thats why them black folks always think thats all we eat is fried chicken and watermelon !!! but okay !!!!
by iceman300000000000000 August 15, 2009
Sex. On someone posted that they accidentally yelled pollo frito (or fried chicken) during sex. Therefore from now on fried chicken should mean sex. To have sex, the act of sex, sex in general.
I had me some fried chicken last night.
I would love for him to fry my chicken.
by fmylife_is_hilarous April 06, 2009
when a girl chews 10 peppermint altoids, then places a cinnamon flavored listerine pocket pack in her mouth, then gives a blowjob
beth-"shit man, im hungry"
frank-"you want some fried chicken?"
by sconjaguar December 25, 2007

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