Fucks per day.

Based upon the internet meme of "Look at all the fucks I give", the abbreviation is a covert use of expressing your blissful apathy to whatever situation may arise.
Boss: 'You really need to work on improving your performance.'
Me: 'But, I have maintained a 0 fpd since 1980'
Boss: 'FPD?'
Me: 'Fucks per day ... I give 0 fucks per day'
by LSU ADT Geek June 29, 2011
Top Definition
Frozen penis disorder. Occurs when running outside on a very cold day, ones penis get extremely cold and changes colors. Victims of this disorder experience extreme pain when defrosting their manhood in the shower.
I was running outside in the snow yesterday and got FPD! My dick turned white!
by P33ner February 22, 2008
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