when a democrat appears on a Fox show for a debate and gets his/her words changed around.
Guy 1-
'did you see nancy pelosi on Hannity last night?'

Guy 2-
'Yea she had a few good ideas but they really foxed her over'
by PhilaJim1989 April 17, 2009
Getting so faded that you can't go anywhere because you don't wanna get hassled by the cops. Hence being trapped like a fox.
I'm gonna come and kick it tonight but i'm not gettin all foxed up cuz i'm tryin to get to this other party cross town later.
by sickbeats May 16, 2007
Similar to pwned , but this action is brought by any user called Fox which is a noob so the overall would end up on being a shame on who gets called like that.
Someone got foxed
by -dZ- September 12, 2008
The word used to describe what happened last night. But it doesnt mean anything other than making out, fingering, and handjob giving/receiving. If you foxed someone or fox someone that means that you(if you were a guy) made out with her and fingered her and she gave you a handjob.
Guy One: What did you and Alex do last night after the party?
Guy Two: We foxed.
Guy Two: Okay....?
Guy One: Dude wtf? Where did he come from?
Guy Two: I dont know. I thought you locked him in the closet.
Guy One: I guess he came out of the closet.
Guy Two: AWW sweet joke man!........fag.........
by theonlyone April 03, 2005
Fucking something up, like a World Series broadcast.
Everything was going great until Bill came over and FOXed everything up!
by DAVnCHAINS December 28, 2015
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