An alternative way of saying ugly
I would take you home and shag you darlin, but I'm afraid I can't because you're fuckin fow!
by Paul Bailey September 21, 2008
FOW. Short for 'fuck off weirdo'. Usually about someone who is clearly foaming at the mouth.
Good, Taibrel has left the guild. FOW.
by Lucko June 05, 2007
combination of fuck and ow screamed out when in mixed company (as when with children, grandparents, teachers, etc.)
(Jude stubs toe on desk)

Jude: F-ow! Motherf----fow! That hurt. Ow-wee!
by Moolder December 14, 2007
Fresh Out the Womb. Can be applied to all parts of speech. (Fowing, fow, fower). Used when creeping on people (not necessarily significantly) younger than you (the fower).
"Damn, see that freshmen over there?" "BRO YOU FOWIN'. "
by cdev November 25, 2015

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