This is an acroymn for Flavor of the Week
That class is totally fotw
by Zayne April 20, 2005
Top Definition
(n) an acronym for Freak Of The Week. A freak of the Week is a wild, sexy, crazy woman who is great in bed and out partying. See FODaW
You have to be a real man to handle that FOTW!
by Bitch-slappin' mofos since 1989 November 04, 2005
Stands for fresh out the womb. A way to describe something as 'good' fresh or sick and basically saying its been good since it was fresh out the womb
Courteeners r Fotw sick
by WtfppP October 16, 2015
"Flavor of the Week" a statement used to describe someone that you're with because it seems good rite now
Bob: Hey Joe, are you still with Tina?
Joe: Hell no, she was just a FOTW, I'm with someone new
by bobert mcbobert August 07, 2007
Fag of the Week. Whenever one of the dudes says something that could be construed as "Gay" without knowing he said it. First you must call him out and then post or email out to everyone he knows. The Group decides which was the worst for the week.
Someone wasn't eating all of their food and a guy calls out "I call his meat". "Fag" is yelled and let the embarrassment begin. "Dude you are FOTW"

While washing the bugs off of the windshield of a buddies car on a road trip, someone says "Sorry I made your crack bigger". "Dude you are FOTW"
by JackFandango August 27, 2009
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