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Fruit of the Loom, a white man's type of boxer shorts, bland color and waistband.
White man: i need more boxers honey, get me FOTL
White man's wife: ok dear
by Young Reezie April 17, 2008
Friend Of The Lord

Can be used as a way to address someone with whom you have any level of a relationship, whether it's an acquaintance, best friend, or stranger at which you're yelling. May be used in greeting or departure or mid-address. Applicable in almost any setting, but primarily has a positive connotation.
How are you today, FOTL?

Stranger- "Thanks"
You- "No problem, FOTL"
by Ducky von Wolfhausen November 29, 2010
Acronym for Fall Off the Toilet Laughing.
Jim: Your mom walked in on Alice using your mom's vibrator...
Jack: FOTL!!
Jim: Dude.. you are on the crapper?
by Izulien August 15, 2008
A clan or group of gamers that focused playing games released by Blizzard mainly in the 2002-2007 years. the tag initially meant Followers of The Light. Bastardizations include Fucking over the Leet.
1: it is assumed that a member of the group, when logging into a game would sit in a channel named "FotL". 2: "OMFG!!! FotL::biglew just headshot me~!"
by BigLew January 30, 2009
Freak on the low. A person who, by the way they look, you wouldn't expect them to be a freak or a slut or a manwhore of any kind.
Chase: "Eww... you like her? She looks boring."

Joe: "Nah, man. I know you can't tell but she's an FOTL!"
by FOTL2010 September 28, 2009
Pronounced: Fodel (Model, with an F)

This word is an abreviation that stands for..
Front Of The Line.
To be infront of everyone and at the front of the line.
Brooke, Katy and Becca are always FOTL during the drills.
by Brooke Johnston October 14, 2007

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