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FOSSIL is a standard for allowing serial communication for telecommunications programs under DOS. FOSSIL stands for Fido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer and was made by a group of Fidonet sysops to allow software work on different machines.

I installed a new FOSSIL driver for my BBS!
by Homer P. Simpson September 01, 2006
17 13
A brand that is mainly known for their high quality, but cheap about $60-80 watches.
"I just got this awesome new Fossil watch."
by Masta March 12, 2005
84 34
1. an old-fashioned person

2. an elderly person
Why do I have to listen to this old fossil?
by Light Joker July 13, 2005
60 22
A person, typically a no life, college-aged, high school graduated degenerate, who regularly attends high school parties hosted by those who are still in high school.
High School student 1 - Why is John at this party? Didn't he graduate from high school in 2007?

High School student 2 - He did graduate in '07. Man what a fossil.
by SLK Creighton February 01, 2011
25 10
Old person with wrinkly parts. See also calcium.
Damn, yo momma is h0t for a fossil!
by hash July 24, 2003
21 14
When you're the opposite of high, or you're pretending to not be high, but really, you are.
It started as a popular term for teenagers by teenagers, but was later adopted by the marijuana users of older generations.(Try to figure that out when you're ripped out of your skull)
-In England--Two gentlemen wearing silk robes, real fur slippers, sitting on two leather chairs, beside a roaring fireplace with whiskey in one hand, and someone (possibly) has a bong begin to speak-
Huxtable:"My word, Albanius, is it unreasonable to suggest that our names are rather peculiar and contain some elements of "bad-assery"?
Albanius Abbot: "I highly disagree, Huxtable. Our names seem quite ordinary in my opinion. Are you perhaps "stoned" oh kind sir?
Huxtable:"Quite the opposite. I am a fossil".

(Next Situation)
-A police man pulls over a beautiful woman, and they are both out of the car-
P.O.: excuse me ma'am, are you under the influence of marijuana"?
Woman: Why no officer, i 'm a fossil
P.O.: Are you sure ma'am, because you smell like it
Woman: Well then, I guess we're going to have to take these clothes off. Together.
(Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Best. Sex . Ever)
by yhzgo May 06, 2012
4 3
Adjective. Older than old school. Describing some experience, action, or word to which someone under sixty years-old would not likely have been exposed or no longer has relevence.
Fossil move dude - who let you out of your tar pit?. How fossil! Mondo fossil. Way fossil.
by Richard "Fossil" Wood April 24, 2008
5 6