Fucking Old Person
I've been stuck behind this FOP for 10 minutes
by Brian Brian & Dave October 31, 2003
1)A person who acts like an idiot on purpose.
2)A strange sound made by said person.
"You are such a fop!"
"As I said..."
by Slayer April 07, 2003
Acronym - Fat Over Pussy. See fum.
She should cut out the donuts - they're giving her a fop.
by byt October 27, 2002
FOB but instead off the plane. more modern and up to date
I aint FOB foo, I'm FOP.
by Adrian Ho January 26, 2005
acronym for Fat Over Pussy (F.O.P.)
man the best thing about hogging is the FOP!
by youblowafuse January 07, 2005
Short for "Futaba on Poemi", referance to Puni Puni Poemi.

It is used as a Lesbian term.
Ugh, Tee was all Fop on Mar-col
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
Fresh off the plane. Points to people who are not from a country who had to emigrate over. Act like a Foreigner.

Syn. FOB(Fresh of the boat)=FOP
Now these days, people now come from planes not from boats.

EX.Yo he is a FOP.
by Joe Ng June 21, 2006

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