Fucking Old Person- noun
1. The FOP drives like Mr. Magoo.

2. Is that FOP running for President again?
3. In jest, my late fathers screen name FOP1927.

old fart old fuck asshole assheimer old geizer dickwad
by Vir-sinya August 07, 2009
Friend of Patterson
by Brix November 13, 2003
to be hit on the back of the head by a small, perspex planet.
I had too much beer last night…Got a real hangover…feels like I’ve been fopped.
by bread infection December 05, 2009
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
1.) A severe disorder that causes connective tissue and muscles to ossify (Turn into bone). Malfunction of body's repair mechanism ultimately turns skeleton into solid shell. It is diffucult to predict where and how bone will grow. Life expectancy never exceeds 40 years.
oh man, your muscles are turning into bone, you must have FOP
by Jimmyzblahzhaz February 16, 2009
The residue that accumulates between the toes when socks have been worn for extended periods of time.
After the marathon, he had a lot of fop.
by Razgriz_166 April 29, 2009
1. Fucking Old Person

2. a word that sometimes is used when someone is about to say fuck but then they realise that it is a bad place to say it and in their mind the first word to use as a subsitute is poop.

3. an abbreviation for the show "The Fairly Odd Parents" which is a cartoon show created by Butch Heartman who is also the creator of Danny Phantom, that airs on Nickelodeon about a 10 year old boy named Timmy Turner who is miserable due to an evil babysitter that his parents tricked him into getting so they could get out of the house and they parents are unaware of her being evil. Because of this gets fairy god parents named Cosmo and Wanda who help him out with the troubles he faces by granting him wishes. In every episode they end up going on a crazy adventure, Timmy makes a wish, the wish goes wrong, Timmy ends up finding a way to straiten things out and he ends up learning a lesson from his mistakes. This word is used online than said.


Timmy: 10 year old boy who is miserable and has to face problems everday has buck teeth and wears a silly pink hat. Has a tiny attention span

Cosmo: Timmy's fairy godfather. Married to Wanda, He has green hair and green eyes. He is verry stupid and sometimes suggests some of the wishes Timmy makes that get them into trouble.

Wanda: Timmy's Fairy god mother. She has pink hair and pink eyes she known to be a nag and no one listens to her suggestions she allways knows when a wish is wrong.

Vicky: Timmy's evil baby sitter. Icky Vicky

Mr. Crocker: Timmy's teacher who everyone thinks he's crazy. He loves to give F's and is obsessed with trying to prove that fairy god parents exist so he could use the magic to be ruler of the world.

Tootie: A girl who has a major crush on Timmy and is vicky's little sister. She is allways stalking him. Timmy fins her creepy.

Chester: One of timmy's best friends who lives on a trailer park and is rebellius.

Aj: Timmy's other best friend who is the smartest kid around.
Oh god I'm going to be late if this FOP in front of me doesn't speed up soon!

Man: Oh f-*notices a little kid nearby*oop!

Kid 1: Hey did you watch FOP last night?
Kid2: Yea! It was awsome! guess what?!
Kid1: What?
Kid2: Pud-ding!
Kid1: Haha! You said puh and ding! Oh and I bet you didn't know that We can mean anything! We as in us!, We the people, and my Favoutie... WWEEEEE....!
Kid2: hehe Cosmo is soo stupid.
by idonnowhattoputsohere February 08, 2009
A slang term for messing up.
That party was a real fop. Or, I fopped my homework.
by Zaverix October 02, 2008

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