To Masturbate
I fopped last night thinking about your mom...
I was fopping to that video me and your girlfriend made that one time...
I saw a pic of your wife and couldn't help but fop to it...
by BigDaddyTree April 20, 2011
Fat Over Penis/Pussy. A funky odor which generates from one's Fat Over Penis or Pussy depending on the subject's gender.
"OMG, Sam's F.O.P. need a good scrubbin! He (or she)reeks!"
by JennyK. April 05, 2010
Homosexual, gay

synonyms: metrosexual, queer, flamer, lover of men, lover of self, dandy, queener

17th century origin
Look at that fop!
Quit foppin' around!
That guy really enjoys being a fop!
by gangster345 November 01, 2010
Fucking Old People or Fucking Old Person
That person is swerving on and off the road! Oh that's why, damn FOP.

Those fops can't even play bingo, let alone see it!

Look at that fop in the wheel chair!
by NAD216 August 29, 2011
1. Metrosexual

2. Fresh Off the Plane. Like Fresh Off the Boat only legal.
1. Silver pants? What a fop

2. She's FOP - straight here from Britain
by helmeister August 14, 2008
a man whos obsessed with his clothes and appearence
daves a big fop isnt he?
by ze ducky June 27, 2006
Fucking Old Person- noun
1. The FOP drives like Mr. Magoo.

2. Is that FOP running for President again?
3. In jest, my late fathers screen name FOP1927.

old fart old fuck asshole assheimer old geizer dickwad
by Vir-sinya August 07, 2009

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