F@#king Old Person, an elderly person who doese wrong is often refered to as a f@#king old person.
I can't beleive that F.O.P just cut me off in traffic!
by Andrew Owens September 04, 2006
A middle class white kid, usually in his early teens. Very annoying. Likes to call random people gay and other words such as fag, retard, and noob. Constantly and obnoxiously says 'I've got swag'. Very unaware that he is a rude poser. Thinks he is the coolest thing on the planet. Has Napoleon complex.
He only cares about his image and thinks he is better than everyone. He is a poser and a fop.
Like a chihuahua, thinks he's something..... But he's not.
by Secular America November 09, 2012
An acronym for what dirty man-schlags and slags do on aeroplanes.
Finger(ed) On a Plane.
'I haven't joined the mile high club but I have been FOPped'
by LorrL October 17, 2011
Fat Overweight Penis - A penis of a fat person who has fat around or at the base of his penis. It is usually ugly and grotesque.
Kevin: Hey man, I don't have a big penis but I have the weight behind it for the some good pushin'.
Randy: what the fuck? that's not a good thing man.. you just have FOP. You fat piece of shit.
by SmodCAST January 12, 2011
friends only pics.

Photos to fap to.
That hot slut just sent me her F.O.P. S. I'm gonna go fap to them.
by Legion 84 November 04, 2010
Fop is a way of life for many. It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Fop is a word that is grammatically correct in any sentence.
Guy 1-"Hey man you looking to fop that girl tonight?"
Guy 2- "Fop yea! So foppin hard too."
by The antichrist December 08, 2013
Fucking Old People or Persons
i hate FOPS, they're terrible drivers.

they smell bad too.
by Mosockra April 05, 2011

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