Fake cops. People in security jobs with similar uniforms to the police, who act like and want people to think they are real cops. These people are normally quite sad.
Katie: "Quick, chuck your joint away - it's the cops."

Rod: "Chill out girl, it's just the Fops"
by Street Rod October 24, 2005
Literally means "fresh off pole" and is used to describe women who appear to have just gotten off a stripper pole. A synonym for slutty.
That girl is such a F.O.P.
by WhitneyAnn February 17, 2009
That girl has some massive F.O.P
by SHMiCKMUU September 10, 2009
F@#king Old Person, an elderly person who doese wrong is often refered to as a f@#king old person.
I can't beleive that F.O.P just cut me off in traffic!
by Andrew Owens September 04, 2006
Fop might as well be an acronym for Fashion-Obsessed Prick. A fop is someone who is obsessed with (and thus always wears) expensive, fancy clothes, and with appearances in general and other meaningless bullshit. Sometimes a fop's clothing and jewelry simply appears expensive and is in fact worth jack shit.
Jerry Seinfeld looked like a fucking fop when he wore that fluffy shirt in that one episode. You know the one.
by jazzriff October 11, 2005
FOPS abbreviated version of FULL ON PARTY SCENE.
Generally used to quicky and aptly convey the need for a crazy party to happen.

Can also be morphed into different forms of the same abbreviation. Like, you can have a FOFYS(Full on First year Scene), pronounced (FOe-fys).
Bro1: I haven't had 7 beers in one night in SO long.
Bro2: you know what this means, right? FOPS at Bro3's place. Time to get SLOSHED
Bro1: You read my mind,Bro2.
by ANGA December 11, 2010
Fresh off the plane
"Sharfi just came from Sudan, that niggas a fop lihhhhh"
by Mamiiii February 23, 2014

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