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Acronym for 'Friend of No-One'. Usually applies to friendless loners who sit in the corner... and cry.
Person A: That George is such a loner.
Person B: Oh, I know. He's a total FONO.
by Sonya August 21, 2004

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fake mono. also known as "the kissing disease".
Jennifer: "Yeah, I went to the doctor & she told me i had Mono, but I'm definitely feeling better & its only been three days"

Me: "so you have fake mono?"

Jennifer: "yeah, i have Fono!"
by WestGaGirl January 21, 2009
1.A large headed dumb, kid from sled lake. Has a fro, and likethe penis. 2.Anyone like this kid.
Ewwwww... It's Fonos!
by Bob March 14, 2005