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"Fuck off my line" or stop calling/texting me.
👩: you're never home, or call
by KVNG'PESO January 02, 2015
Uncommonly used internet abbreviation of the words 'Fuck Off My Lawn', FOML has been used by various people, often in a string of related abbreviations such as:
Messenger conversation.

Bob: Your lawn looks shit.

Bill: FOML!
by Edgix September 01, 2008
Abbreviation of "Fruit of My Loins". This expression is used by proud fathers when their offspring does something awesome or just awesomely awful.
Billy posted a neknomination video showing him naked, smeared with blood and eating a raw heart filled with rum. FOML <3
by Greenhand February 08, 2014
Fuck Our Mutual Lives

the fml that you share with multiple people
Me: Just failed a test..
Friend: Me too!
Me: foml
by aisjebfuudjkk288473 June 06, 2011
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