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1. acronym: Friends of Millard Fillmore
An inter-school trivia hunt hosted by Carlmont High School in Belmont California. Reputed for its difficulty in attaining two hard copy (non internet) proofs for each question, some schools like Carlmont have managing teams of Captains, who rank above Leaders, who directly control officemonkeys and 400-odd communtity FOMFers. Taking place on the first weekend of February, this three day event is a cause of much stress and enjoyment to all who participate.
2008 is rumored to be the last year of FOMF existence. The challenge was created in 1967 by Dr. Robert Hunter, principal of Carlmont High at the time.
The diet of many FOMFers consists of Hyphy Juice, garbage bags filled with donated Noah's Bagels, and anything containing caffeine to survive the infamous FOMF sleepover.

2. verb: to FOMF
To participate in FOMF, to allow FOMF to control your life.
"Jade! Stop blocking the FOMF proof board! We don't know if 23b is on alert!"
"Are you going to FOMF this year?"
"FOMF meeting this Thursday in D28!"
by hydrosulfogen September 18, 2007
Fuck out my face
I told him to fomf:

'Screw you bitch. Fuck out my face!'
by Fomfy April 05, 2014
Fuck off Mother Fucker
This boy asked to copy my homework. and i told him FOMF
by Johnny March 01, 2004