fuck off loser ..a cryptic way to tell someone what you think about them when actually writing the words could lead to drama.
The man: we have temporarily suspended your account

Victim: fol
by Seatthell December 15, 2009
Fucking Out Loud.
Tiffany and Liz joke and make FOL noises for fun.
by fannahhh September 22, 2009
an acronym used in texting and/or online for those to polite to spell out its true meaning "Fuck Our Lives"
dude our teacher is such a jerk she is making me rewrite my entire essay
yeah bra, fol
by mastblaster March 22, 2009
Fall Over Laughing

Used instead of lol, rofl, lmao, or lmfao.
John: Dude....I can only kick a soccer ball 2 feet...

Tom: FOL!
by FOLOLOLOL February 21, 2010
Fuck OUR Lives

also see FML
How did we forget about the biology project!? FOL!!!
by Steve Rockahoe May 03, 2009

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