An acronym meaning Farting on Losers.

Used to describe the action you take when you are presented with losers. Rather than confront them, it's way to just let them know that you are displeased with their behavior.

I can also be used for any version of the verb "to fart"

Farted On Losers
Fart On Losers
Fartin' on Losers
Farts on Losers

Friend: What'd you do last night?
You: FOL, NBD.


Friend: Whatta you wanna do tonight?
You: I dunno. I was thinking of going and FOL.


Friend: Man, come on. We got a night of FOL to do!
You: Every time I go to that club I FOL left and right!
by monase January 14, 2011
Top Definition
Faith Optimism Love
Today is a wonderful day #FOL

Forget FML, today is amazing! FOL!
by monikalm17 January 19, 2013
FUCK OUR LIVES! (plural of FML)
Wow....We have a biology essay, a geometry paper, and a lab drawing to do tonight....awesome...FOL!
by cragget69 March 22, 2010
Fart Out Loud

This is what happens when you are laughing so hard that you fart!
Tom just FOL'd
by indyinc February 03, 2010
Short for Fuck Our Lives. As in, when you know you're screwed in a community setting.
Anna: Hey George, pharmacy school is hard
George: Yeah it is, FOL
by Destroyer1234 October 03, 2011
fuck our live(s)
1: we're high, we need medical help
2: yeah LOL fols
by r8k8 May 30, 2011
"Fuck Our Lifes"
Nick: Oh guys, We failed the game, FOL!
by korineto April 08, 2010
FROWN OUT LOUD. People always tend to say lol on the computer or in text messages, when they are not laughing. So, you should just say fol instead of lol.
Charlie Sheen: I love two and a half men, I always get girls.
Justin Bieber: FOL. What's up?
by Onagonalta March 26, 2011
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