fof is a nickname; it stands for "flock of flies"
if you have any stinky friends that you see flies follow them then their nickname is fof
when eric and westin saw a flock of flies following nate they called him fof
by thebigmansgoingdown October 17, 2006
Acronym meaning Face of failure
After falling down the red carpet, Brittany Spears had such a FOF
by Mama H. October 21, 2009
Abbreviation for friend of a friend.
I don't really know him that well, he's just a FOF.
by Cassandra, Brian November 08, 2004
From Swahili, meaning, "Hi, Jeremy!"
Jeremy: "Hi, how are you?"
You: "FOF!!!"
by CosmoDNA June 03, 2003
Fresh off farm. A derivative of Fob. Fof refers to people who reside in the city but are originally from the country. Characteristics of Fof's include intimacy with animals and the tendancy to speak with a progressively thicker country accent as they travel from the city
"Hey Fof, are you a part of the FFA (Future Farmers of America)?"
by Kai Wang March 05, 2006
Stands for "Fresh of Flushing". It is a derivative of the commonly used acronym FOB (which means freah off the boat). Among asian americans, they like to categorize their own people, using FOB to decribe those really foreign asians that just arrived to the states. FOF is used to decribe asians that are predominately from flushing NY. These asians tend to act extremely gangster and they are constantly in your face. Sometime they think they are black. They can only appreciate bad rap music, and nothing else. These are the asian who have the most asian pride, but they lack any true knowledge in asian culture. Most asian fraternities and sororites consists of many FOFs.
- Rapper Jin is a FOF. -
by Jintao March 06, 2006
Fuck Off Fag, used when a stupid fag is being an annoying bitch.
"Hey sexy"
"FOF or I'll shoot you"
by you suck bitch January 16, 2006
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