Prounounced abbreviation for:
Fuck Off, Fucker
Definition: Dismissive statement.
"Hey, can I borrow $5?"
"Actually, you didn't say that. You said this..."
"Look you bleepitybleep yadda yadda"
by DaRana May 31, 2003
short for Fuck off, Fucker. Able to be used in mixed company and usually said with a smile.
He got all up in my face.. so I told him to FoF!
by Snuhfulupagus May 30, 2003
Feet Out First; when a baby comes out feet first and ultimately turns into a bum later in life, getting fired from jobs on a weekly basis and dating sluts. Basically, a retarded failure.
Chris is a FOF. That's why he is stupid and will not succeed in life.
by Bob Lubinsky November 13, 2006
F.O.F. stands for flock of flies
it is a nickname given to the most smelly of the smelly, most likly someone fat with a fuda / fupa
there was a flock of flies following nate around at practice so everyone calls him fof.
by thebigmansgoingdown October 21, 2006
Means "Frets on fire" the game.It is like GH but you use a keyboard.
Tommy:"did u get the newest fof song?"

Billy:"not yet it is still downloading."
by pokegeek January 06, 2008
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