Fresh off the Farm , for people the are inept in some new area of life ;)
Does he know what he is doing ??? Must be FOF !!!
by Simon Templar999 November 08, 2011
"Full of Fail"
One who fails at life, or just most things in general
Oscar: I'm not enrolled in college yet, but I'm sitting in classes anyways

Jen: SMH Oscar, you're dedicated, but you're FOF.
by shakin ma head August 31, 2011

a fortified place of fueg : stronghold; especially : a large, funky and impenetrable fortification, sometimes in a closet.
stefan: What is FOF?
Matt: FOF is I

Stefan: Are we fofin later my niga?
Paul: yee, bring psychedelics holmes....n dejoes!

Jordan: Its just not, most of the times, maybe, huh, u know, like ur having an orgasm in a different room at the same time, like wah, jiz!!!


Noah: dude, first of all fuck u jordan, and wtf is tht smell?
Stefan: Who made a foofie in the FOF?
by Theones10101 December 06, 2010
Full of Fail - When someone/thing fails BAD.
Reuben: Do you swallow?
Alex: Swalo wat?
Vadim: FoF
by Reuben, Vadim, James April 25, 2008
This acronym stands for : Freedom Of Fap.
Guy1 : I'm stuck in this 1 bedroom apartment with my parents for a week. I'm SO sexually frustrated!
Guy2 : Looks like you need to redeem your FOF.
by Lights_metal September 22, 2009
"food on face"
A term commonly used between two stupid teenagers who have just ate lunch.


"yah, you got a little somethin' somethin' right there."
by pupcookie May 07, 2009
A term for mexican immigrants, also known as FRESH OFF FENCE
Dude, ur dad's a FOF.
by tanggggggggg November 25, 2007

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