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Friend of a friend. Like an acquaintance but with a little more familiarity, because odds are you've heard of them and they've heard of you and/or you've seen each other around the same crowds. Not quite a bff or a homeslice yet, because you haven't interacted with them enough to get those bonds yet.
Text1: So who's throwing the party?
Text2: A fof, she seems legit at the parties I've seen her at.
by calicat2210 January 11, 2012
Fuck or Fight!
What's it gonna be? Fuck or Fight.
Blood on my knife or shit on my dick? f.o.f
by Ruthless Leeboy August 30, 2011
'eff-oh-eff' ; Fucking On Film. To knowingly perform sex acts, either solo or with a partner, while being video recorded.
"I wouldn't call myself a porn star, but I did some F.O.F. in college"

"If you want to shoot a couple of stills for your scrapbook, then fine, but absolutely no F.O.F."
by Cleverjohnbull January 18, 2013
Full of F***in Success
Opposite of FOF (Full of Fail)
Last night was FOFS
by FOFS4LIFE June 14, 2009
Flat out fridays, when one strive for the best on a friday. Whether it be working or partying or any other activity. Can be used in a hashtag format, ie #FOF
Hey bro we gonna party hard tonight like FOF!
by jakebrake November 22, 2013
A derogatory adjective for Mexicans who are "Fresh Off the Fence" similar to the phrase, "Fresh Off the Boat" that is commonly used with Asians. It basically means they just came across the border, and have not yet gotten their green card.
"Why doesn't Roberto Humberto run for president in 2012?"
"He can't, he's F.O.F."
by shiddigae niddiga December 03, 2008
Fresh off the Farm , for people the are inept in some new area of life ;)
Does he know what he is doing ??? Must be FOF !!!
by Simon Templar999 November 08, 2011