Stands for Female Over-Dominated Society. FODS is a word that describes the state in which females tend do control males through various means in a relationship, leading to the submission and slavery of innocent men everywhere. Also used to describe the circumstances of a whipped man. It is prophesized that one day whipped men everywhere will revolt and there will be a day of reckoning.
"Where's Chris?" "Ah, his girlfriend made him volunteer in a community car wash" "Wow, FODS got him pretty bad"

"Please wise master, tell me how a one may combat the horror of FODS" "There is but one way my pupil, and that is total and complete sexual abstinence" "Shit"
by MrTickles June 01, 2006
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Fuck off and Die
as used in FOD by Greenday, and spray painted on the sides of garbage cans at the Turks and Caicos Airport
You're just a fuck
I can't explain cuz i think you suck
I'm takin pride
in telling you to
Fuck off and die
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
1) an abbreviation for 'fuck off and die'.
2) a completely kick-ass Green Day song. just listen to it!
1)"you're such an ass, f.o.d.!"
2)"you're just...a fuck
I can't explain it
cause I think you suck
I'm taking pride
in telling you to fuck off and die"
by allor July 28, 2005
Foreign Object Debris. For those of you who were in an air force(any air force, not strictly the US or Canadian's) that was a vital and necessary duty before a tactical fighter squadron's jet fighters could be launched. It consists of walking from one end of the runway to the other in search of nuts, bolts, tools ANY loose objects of any size that could be easily sucked up by the jet engines... This was not to be allowed to happen because it is dangerous for the pilot and the aircraft...
Flt/Sgt speaking to plane crew: Right, you shitbirds, Listen Closely!!! Flt/Lt Scott-Lovecraft wants a fucking excellent FOD walk down or it's your asses!!!! Dismissed!
by J. Michael Reiter December 10, 2003
Forehead Of Doom... As in a massive forehead
"Oh my god, look at the FOD on him"
by KandiFloss March 05, 2009
A very useful abreiviation meaning "Fuck Off and Die."
Use this phrase if you want to tell someone to "go away," but not in so many words;).
by Kattzgalore June 03, 2005
"Forehead Of Doom" - A girl with a distractingly large forehead so big you want to play racquetball off it....Or do other extracurricular activities with it.

Can be pronounced as "Fod" as well as just the abbreviated letters "F.O.D"
I was distracted the whole date by light reflecting off this girl's giant F.O.D. Suffice it to say, it didn't go well.
by Mersh Danger June 22, 2011
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