A word (acronym) used to inform someone to leave. Usually used aggressively. FOAD stands for Fuck Off And Die.
FOAD, you stupid prick!
by Cath August 26, 2004
Top Definition
Fuck Off And Die
He don'tlike me anymore he told me to just FOAD.
by blondie April 12, 2003
fuck off and die!
I wish rns would just F.O.A.D
by Chocobo December 03, 2003
Fuck off and die.
Everyone can just FOAD.
by KashB September 16, 2008
Stands for - Fuck Off And Die!
I'm an official member of Jonathan Davis' F.O.A.D. club!
by i.have.issues May 02, 2006
An acronym meaning Fuck Off And Die. FOAD can be used in many different scenarios. However, no matter what scenario the word is used in "Fuck Off And Die" is a way vent emotional instabilty in a given situation. When someone is pissed the fuck off, FOAD is the word he or she uses to release his or her emotions. Then again, if extreme hatred is showed toward one person then the word legit means, "FUCK OFF AND DIE."
My mom is being a big bitch, I just want to be like "FOAD MOM!"
by xivdeathlord June 23, 2010
1. Fuck off and die!!
2. Fall off a dock!!
Teen1: Hey! You just took the last burrito! FOAD!
Teen2: What?!
Teen1: Fuck off and die!
Teen2: You FOAD!

Teen: Hey! You just took the last burrito! FOAD!
Mom: What?!
Teen: Fall off a dock!
Mom: Oh, you kids and your witty sayings!
by brunildalivingston December 03, 2009
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