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It was used in the vietnam war to describe new soldiers. It stands for Fucking New Guy.
Man I don't want to be stuck with this FNG.
by SleazyE October 24, 2004
4 13
Fuck Nose Weasel: A Term Created By Jake Nick And Chris Used To Descried Someone Being Fucknosey And Or Weasely
Grandma ate all the sunchips, yea whatta FNW
by theDrFNW January 22, 2011
9 0
FetteNegerWarez; A german warez release group. Means FatNegroWarez. Only true scene insiders had their stuff leeched of the sweet cracked pubstros.
FNW-Admin: omfg i made the best group name ever!
by zombiieh September 26, 2006
5 3