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For No Reason Boner. When you randomly get a boner for no reason, mostly in class or a meeting.
"Man I got the biggest FNRB today in class, it was AWESOME!"


Since I have a FNRB, will you give me an OTPHJ?
by wowihavethebiggestFNRBrightnow April 13, 2011
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For No Reason Boner

Used often when one wants to discreetly express the fact that he is currently experiencing a boner for no apparent reason at all.
Dude 1: They just called your name... go get that diploma.

Dude 2: Shit. I don't know what to do. I've got a F.N.R.B.!

Dude 1: Ouch. Bad timing
by Worldwide Thugs September 13, 2006
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