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for no reason.
bro i just go two dollars


by FNRthereal July 04, 2012
10 2
An abbreviation for those who sleep around with multiple random people. It stands for "Fuck And Run". These generally apply to those who like having sex but don't want to stick around to deal with the mess in the morning.
Leum : "Okay, so I hear Leah's mad ass hot and a cougar in bed."
Alex : "So, what holding you, man.. go tame that cougar!"
Leum : "Yeah, but the words out that she's too clingy, what if she glues herself to my ass for life?"
Alex : "Oh well, then you gotta FNR on that bitch!!"
by locohobo August 17, 2010
9 2
An abbreviation for " For No Reason" Instead of saying the whole thing you can just use those 3 words.
Tho: wow Tony just downed 3 shots FNR...

Brandon: there is always a reason...
by society817 March 28, 2014
3 0
Fuck 'N' Run

It's simple. You meet someone who is under the influence, engage in sexual activities, then get the hell out!
Guy 1: After I did a grandma loot, I went the club, picked a nice piece of pouthang, then I pulled an F N R.

Guy 2: That's what it's about man.

Guy 1: Chyeah
by Skulze June 24, 2009
6 5
FNR has 2 meanings:
1. An expression of anger.
2. Fucking Nigrastic Retard
1. FNR!!!!
2. That guy is a FNR!
by Dirty Mind 13 June 15, 2012
0 4
Variation of fner. Often used in the place of fuck, whilist in the presence of adults or when one cannot think of another word to say.
(Character One bludgeons Character Two with a stick.)
Character Two: Oh, what the-
(Character Two's parent walks by.)
Character Two: Fnr! I meant fnr!
by Lexxa September 08, 2006
3 8