Fast and Loose. Girls who love the party and the cock.
Man FNL #1 and #2 love to bounce that ass.
by Deqwayne August 21, 2005
Top Definition
Friday Night Loner. You have nothing to do but sit around the house or on the computer. The Definition of a Facebook/Myspace whore. You usually eat cookie dough and wear a sweater that your grandma made you when your best friends are all out and don't call to check up, or ever ask to hang out. The geek or super nerd of the group. Also works for SNL (Satuday Night Loner).
I'm such an FNL, I just sat home on Facebook all night.
by Jessica Spellmyer May 29, 2009
Fucking Hell > 'eff'en 'ell > FNL
"FNL man, are you insane?"
by tailings June 02, 2014
Friday Night Live
Epsiode 2 - Attack of the Male Pattern Baldness
A hilarous bunch of skits written by Big Johnny G, now if we could only get it filmed.
by Odin February 07, 2004
First night lay
Damn dog I totally FNL'd your old lady while you guys were seperated... oops!
by CrackavellidaDON May 05, 2010
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