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Military Slang: Fucking New Guy
used to describe an unskilled individual
"What the hell are you doing Pyle."
"Reassembling my C9"
"Awww damn it you stupid FNG! That is a block of RDX not a box magazine!!!!"
by JPJCJ October 03, 2006
F**king New Guy or Freaking New Guy
The F.N.G. didn't even know how to use a copier.
by BigDaddyP December 02, 2005
Expletive used by cretins with limited vocabularies.
You f'ng tool!!!You f'ng don't f'ng agree on f'ng any f'ng thing with f'ng me.What in the f'ng heck is your f'ng problem.You f'ng take the f'ng cake in my f'ng opinion.
by Bigokieguy August 12, 2006
1. FNG about anything!

2. These bitches always slacking, it's what ever tho FNG cuz we ain't fucking with y'all nomore.
by Urban king. January 02, 2014
Ordinarily, a military definition meaning the "Fucking New Guy." However, in a business type environment where obscenities are not appropriate, can refer to the "Foolish New Grunt" who has to do the unfavorable, laborious, and generally awful tasks before proving their worth.
Co-worker 1: "Look at the FNG over there organizing the cubicle. That looks like a horrible job!"

Co-worker 2: "What did you call him?"

Co-worker 1: "Oh, the Fucking New Guy, but if the boss asks, he's the Foolish New Grunt."
by Nama Stay October 25, 2010
Fucking New Guy...as in new guy on the job!
That F 'n' G is going to screw it up for everyone by kissing the bosses ass!
by GMac41 April 10, 2008
The FNG(Fragging Noob Gamers)Is a 1337 gaming clan headed by FNGHandy Manny,FNGJack Bauer,FNGFenix and FNGBulldog. WE WILL PWN NOOBS FOREVER
Yo the FNG pwn them n00bs!
by [FNG]chichi November 01, 2007
Fucks Not Given
"FNG about your wrecked car that occurred while you were drunk driving."
by Hinano June 02, 2013