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FMT if you have big feet

FMT if you believe in gay marriage

FMT if you love this photo
by Thekhan March 26, 2013
fondle my testicles - similar to SMD but easier and less likely to cause STDs
girl: listen to my feelings!
boy: FMT
girl: y?
boy: its easier and less likely to cause STDs than SMD
girl: k
by weejooooooo March 28, 2010
Short and snappy version of the phrase "Fuck My Tits" used to express extreme emotions, usually those pertaining to exasperation, stress or near-orgasmic pleasure.
#1. My exam today was awful. FMT.

#2. OMG, bacon pepperoni pizza. FMT.
by emo(y) October 14, 2009
Fuck my typing skills. Generally used after a typo
Did u see tit?
by Maniacmixklutz April 08, 2009
Short for: Fuck My Team
I was playing TDM in CoD, got 33 kills, only 4 deaths, and lost anyway. The next best guy on my team got 5 kills and 17 deaths. FMT.
by Dave0401 August 03, 2010
Fuck my typing. Occurs in online chat. Usually attributed to a string of typo's in ones messages, or a typo that brings on embarrassment/humiliation.

Similar to fml.
Person A - so at teh las tminute, I bloted otu the bcak door. and teh bset part was no oen ever knwe! i twa sbrilliant.
Person B - ???
Person A - fmt!

*Person A starts retyping their fail, correctly.*
by DrMolotov July 29, 2010
Fucking the tits, in an up and down motion.

Placing the penis, in between the large tits, and humping them, as you would for humping a chair! The penis is stimulated by the tits rubbing the penis. And the tits are stimulated by the rubbing of the penis.
I told my sugar daddy to fmt, and he did! It was fucking. Amazing.
by grandma tits June 14, 2010