Acronym for Fuck Me Sideways
FMS! That burger was huge!
by Montespan July 12, 2011
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abbreviation for the phrase "fuck me sideways"

Used during a time of aggression when something doesn't go according to plan, not actually as a command.

The abbreviation is generally used so parental figures don't know wtf you're saying.
Person 1: I heard you got rejected by that fly ass bitch.

Person 2: Yeah...FMS.
by alwaysmercurial April 20, 2009
Freak My Shit as in fuck this dick!
Man my bitch FMS last night my nigga and all I could do was be amazed!

I wish she would hurry up and FMS!
by effinprodigious January 03, 2012
Fuck my school
Something you say when you just hate your school
Ahh, I have so much homework to do. FMS!!
by Avvegc November 11, 2012
Fuck My Spelling
AnonymousNo27 rolls up sleeve on shit to blind those around self.
AnonymousNo27: Shirt*...FMS
by AnonymousNo27 July 06, 2013
'Fraid of Missin' Sumthin'
A condition where one is always on the lookout for the next cool thing, rather than enjoying what one has, because he/she is "afraid of missing something."
Ralph has a serious case of FMS. He's keeps scanning the joint. He can't just chill and have a good time.
by artbabe February 05, 2008
Foot in Mouth Syndrome:

When you add something to a conversation, which is followed by an awkward silence...

Then you know that you should have kept your mouth shut.
Guy: Your sister is hot
Chick: .......
Guy: (oh that fuckin FMS... shouldn't have said that)
by thunderchid January 14, 2009

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