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A wannabe Jew, short for Fake Member of the Tribe.
Benjamin Jewski had the jew-fro and the big nose, was a cheap bastard, and always wore a yammulke around, but there was no kidding anyone that he was nothing but an Irish Catholic wanna-be F.M.O.T.
by Nick D April 02, 2004
Follow Me on Twitter!

Used by crazy obsessed Twitter users to get people to follow them.
Girl1: hey gurl! FMOT so we can talk ok?

Girl2: okay! I don't have a Twitter yet but when I get one you FMOT too!
by afroman473 August 31, 2009
1: An explanation to things in which there is no other explanation
2: A Clan/cult/group of crazy fangirls that love Tom Felton.
3: literally TomF backwards
"Why Did you speak in third person?"
"Fmot made me do it"
by Artful Dodger July 31, 2004