Basically a bunch of sad sad losers who think it's hilarious to "troll" people on a virtual pet website known as marapets. They are about 16+ and think they're the shit for posting stupid references to the world's most pointless inside jokes.

They also love asking for MSN's as their way to attempt to get people to give them stupid pictures of them doing stuff. Retarded
Do not spend your time on virtual pet websites or you're end alone like everyone in FMIE
by EpicFailonYourPart February 28, 2009
A member of fmie will never attempt to bully someone or publish their opinions on their own because they know that they will be thrashed by many other members on the forums who think they are idiotic. However, behold! When a group of fmie members are online, they suddenly have courage to bully younger members and post moronic inside jokes as they have each other to back up their ridiculous views.

Fmie consists of:
-A bi-sexual 20 year old overweight woman who acts about 40 years old and believes that re-selling pixels is against the law. She thinks everyone loves her, when infact everyone hates her.

-An anorexic 16 year old girl how has fanny hair so thick that it gets in her way, can’t see where she is going, and is continuously falling over and injuring herself.

-Another obese teenager whose parents are divorced and she obviously does not get enough attention from her cunt of a mother as she likes to make fun of other members on a virtual pet site in hope she receives some attention.

-Alicia Robinson- A Scottish girl who looks like Gollum, however she believes that because she plays tennis, it gives her authority to make fun of members on a virtual pet site. Check out her facebook.

Etc etc
It is suggested that you do not attempt to make conversation with a fmie member, for you may be permanently stunned by their idiocy.
by FartMembraneIdiotsEpa March 24, 2009

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