Foine mother fucker

( A code name used to point out a hot guy to your friends )
Ay, look at that FMF across the street!

Sally: FMF?
Debbie: Nah, look at those moobs he has.

by Salluer April 23, 2008
Fuck My Face
Very much like FML said in the same context.. but FMF..

So instead of saying FML, say FMF
by MiSs KrYsTaL June 24, 2010
Stands for Fuck My Friends
So the other day I saw my 2 best girl friends trying to get with my man, FMF!
by B.Warlick June 17, 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Have you ever seen FMF, the best movie ever made?
by Kristofferson May 03, 2012
Fuck My Family
Today, I updated my Facebook status to "It should probably be called Unplanned Parenthood." My cousin, seeing the status, failed to pick up on the sarcastic humor. She called all my family members and tell them that I was pregnant. Including my husband in Iraq. FMF
by djthekid January 07, 2010
Short for filthy mother fucker. Usually used to express disgust towards a person. Pronounced: Eff-emm-eff
Guy 1: Hey did you do rigorous activities this weekend?
Guy 2: FMF.
by knitman April 01, 2009
.. fast mother fucker

plan and simple

thats what it really means
"damn that guy KEVIN URQUHART is a fmf"
by rOckstar420 August 08, 2007

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