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Foine mother fucker

( A code name used to point out a hot guy to your friends )
Ay, look at that FMF across the street!

Sally: FMF?
Debbie: Nah, look at those moobs he has.

by Salluer April 23, 2008
.. fast mother fucker

plan and simple

thats what it really means
"damn that guy KEVIN URQUHART is a fmf"
by rOckstar420 August 08, 2007
A chick who looks good From Madd Far...
Yoo...look at that chick!!

Nah Chill, thats a FMF!
by Jomal October 24, 2006
Abbreviation for Foreign Mother Fucker. A commonly used term for a foreign student. Major problem for American college and graduate students at top schools.

Common characteristics are:
1) Work 24/7, socialize/do other stuff 0/0.
2) Walk quickly and nervously, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
3) Goofy foreign outfits such as soccer uniforms, short shorts for guys, and ridiculously conservative/plain outfits for girls, with goofy foreign shoulder packs.
4) Thick black-rimmed glasses.
5) Scrawny stature and pockmarked face.
6) Shuffle nervously through notes during exams, dropping things, sweating profusely, and freaking out.
7) Think that the professor saying "Stop working NOW" on an exam means the same thing as "15-minute warning," and will keep working furiously until the exam is physically snatched out of their hand.
8) Friday night all-nighters of studying and spreadsheet analysis marathons with breaks every few hours for Anime porn.
9) Ask incomprehensible, mumbling, irrelevant questions in lecture.
10) Despite their eagerness in lecture, speak at an inaudible volume, if at all, in social situations.
11) Score 114 points on a test where only 100 are possible.
12) Argue with the TA for 2 hours about one point on a problem set that's worth 2% of the overall grade.
13) Have the problem set finished before you realized it had been handed out.
14) Act like a major douche bag in any and all circumstances.
15) Use their knowledge they learn from American schools to start foreign companies that destroy American companies in the market since their labor forces consist primarily of starving 6-year-olds working 20 hours a day for 2 cents and a bowl of rice.
(Group project)
"OK...Sujeep, Chong-Ming, and Hassam...you guys are the FMF's in this group, and therefore you're all ridiculously smart and overachieving socially awkward douche bags. So you guys handle all the mathematical shit, data analysis, and charts...basically you do all the work for this...and then Dave and I will translate your incoherent foreign bullshit into understandable English."
by Nick D February 17, 2006
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Have you ever seen FMF, the best movie ever made?
by Kristofferson May 03, 2012
Fantasy Mission Force - The Greatest Clan to Ever Grace Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
I sure hope we don't play against FMF tonight.
by Alladar July 30, 2009
flying machine factory

fmf makes the best motorcycle exhaust pipes in the world
for optimal performance and sound reduction choose a fmf pipe for everything
i just picked up a new fmf pipe for my motorcyle
by simplejack113 May 27, 2009