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Future Millionaire'c Slub- A club many niggers are in thinking that they will get rich selling crack on the streets and being in a street gang, not knowing there just going to get busted and go to jail and end up working at McDonalds at minimum wage.
Guy 1: Yo yo yo man im in the FMC nigga
Guy 2: yeah man we be drive escalades soon
(..3 year later...)
Guy 1 & 2: Fries with that?
by Real Mill. September 23, 2007
A shorten version of Fat Mama Cheeseburger. See Fat Mama Cheeseburger.
One teacher to another, "Did you hear Shel call Shirley F.M.C.?, That was so mean."
by Miss, Miss aka Mean Teacher August 26, 2006
The short form for Forde Memorial Cup, a road hockey tournament, that its participants most often use.
The FMC is the best thing that's ever happened to road hockey.
by dark shade May 31, 2006